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Car Rental Franchise by Right Cars, the key to starting a car rental business

We are looking for energetic franchisees that will maintain the companies postion in the car rental industry as one of the fastest growing car rental brands.

Our strategic positioning within the car rental industry has allowed us to build our network at an amazing rate. What does that mean for you as a potential franchisee? It means you can instantly benefit from our hard work, our established reputable brand and our every growing source of reservations that flow into our system in real time from all corners of the world.

Why try to build a reputation and a source of reservation when you can start with a brand thats already established? You would not re-invent the wheel!?

Our proprietary reservation management system not only feeds you reservations from a host of travel booking channels including our own website right-cars.com, it ties right in to the point-of-sale system. The fully integrated system is just one of the many advantages enjoyed by Right cars franchisees and Right Cars customers.

The Right Cars reservation system is directly connected to hundreds of booking channels that deliver reservations directly to your computer at your individual franchise location.

A start-up business would struggle to establish a set-up like this!

The Right Cars sales force are continually making agreements with some of the largest companies and influential travel partners around the world, which benefits you as a franchise owner, as an increasing number of reservations flow in to your individual franchise location.

The ability to make these agreements as an individual would be extremely difficult, if not impossible in many cases.

Are you qualified to become a Right Cars car rental franchise operator?

You should pocess the following skills

Favorable credit score
The ability to secure financing and particularly fleet financing
Desire to be a hands-on owner/operator
Travel or tourism background
Sales experience
Involved in community
Excellent communication skills
Strong leadership capabilities

Car rental franchise by Right Cars.

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